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Jan. 3rd, 2009 | 10:55 pm
mood: amusedamused

So I got into a discussion with my uncle, brother and grandfather about cutting wine bottles with string. The basic method is to soak a string in some sort of ignitable and then wrap it around the bottle at the desired cutting point. Then ignite the string while rotating the bottle. When the string has burned for a sufficiently long time quickly dunk the bottle into ice water. In principle this will cause a stress fracture. Then all one has to do is sand down the sharp edges and you're left with a nice little cup.

So I decided to try this, I used a shoe string and Isopropanol. It didn't work. I figured it was because the isopropanol doesn't burn hot enough and in order to remedy this I would use wax. With the string coated in wax, the bottle did fracture. However, the fracture wasn't as straight as I would have liked.

Now I'd like to buy a variac, some Ni-Cr wire (for resistance heating) and using these create a set up in which the wire is wrapped around the bottle and then heated with the variac. I figure Ni-Cr can easily get upto 1000C and that it should allow for a much cleaner cut. I wonder if I should score the glass with a glass cutter before hand.

I think taking glass blowing and molding and sculpting would be a lot of fun. Too ba dit would be an expensive hobby.

Oh, did I break your shell?

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